Surface cutting

You can receive your order within 3 - 4 days, given the availability of the products, cut surfaces to the measures that serve you, always from whole sheets.

In your cut list, we agree to record your final measurments, including margins, regardless of thickness.

The cutting list (your measurments) should be received either by writing or email and in no case verbally!!!



Marging welding

For thicknesses from 8 to 60mm.

In our stock, you can find PVC/ABS margins (0.45 - 0.80 - 1.2 - 2 mm), practically for any melamine code of the Greek market as well as veneer strips (0.60 and 2 mm) for surface coverings 16 - 31mm.

The EVA glue of the margins, produced in Italy, is a product of state-of-the-art technology, an ecological production base with heat and humidity resistance specifications, competitive with PUR glue.

See the specifications HERE.


Packing - loading


In large orders, the sliced products are packed with a protective base cap and retaining film. They are properly bundled for rapid loading by mechanical means.

The buyer is responsible for loading, securing, and transporting the products in his own vehicle.