231305018Trolley + Telescopic Brake40cm
2313051Trolley Χ.Φ45cm
231305118Trolley + Telescopic Brake45cm
231305218Trolley + Telescopic Brake50cm
2313053Trolley Χ.Φ60cm
231305318Trolley + Telescopic Brake60cm
231115216Hinge with brake straight16mm Safe Motion
2313406Hinge with brake HOMS16mm
2314352Hinge with brake M-PRO16mm
2320445Hinge with brake GS16mm
2313313Ball Rail Soft Close MG40cm
2313314Ball Rail Soft Close MG45cm
2313315Ball Rail Soft Close MG50cm
2313158Ball Bearing Slide FMGNo 40
2313159Ball Bearing Slide FMGNo 45
2313161Ball Bearing Slide FMGNo 50
2313154Drawer Slide with sliding Q-FIT45cm
2313149MDrawer Slide with sliding Q-FIT50cm
2313155Drawer Slide with sliding Q-FIT55cm
2320694Hidden Rail 100% +Brake+Clips DTC45mm
2320695Hidden Rail 100% +Brake+Clips DTC50mm
2320181Hidden Rail 100% PUSH OPEN DTC45mm
2320182Hidden Rail 100% PUSH OPEN DTC50mm
2313ANACorner with Cover (Hanger)
2313149Corner Stopper Nickel
2313130Corner Stopper White
2313124Corner Nickel20 x 20
2313019ΓCorner Nickel30 x 30
2313147Corner Nickel40 x 40
2313028Corner 50 x 60
2313019Corner Shelf Pad F5 (100pieces)
2313014Tapered FootΚ10
2313062Tapered FootΚ8
2313025Tapered FootΚ5
2313120Square FootΚ22 – 10cm
2313121Square FootΚ22 – 15cm
2313122πRound FootΚ21 – 10cm
2313123Round FootK21 – 15cm
2313129Round Foot Black MatΝο 54 - 5cm
2313128Round Foot Black MatNo 54 – 10cm
2320001Adjustable FootΝο 10-13
2321012Chipboard Screws (1000pieces)3.5 x 16
2321013Chipboard Screws (1000pieces)3.5 x 18
2321014Chipboard Screws (1000pieces)3.5 x 20
2321015Chipboard Screws (1000pieces)3.5 x 25
2321016Chipboard Screws (1000pieces)3.5 x 30
2321017Chipboard Screws (1000pieces)3.5 x 35
2321018Chipboard Screws (1000pieces)3.5 x 40
2321019Chipboard Screws (1000pieces)3.5 x 45
2321020Chipboard Screws (1000pieces)3.5 x 50
2321022Chipboard Screws (1000pieces)4 x 16
2321024Chipboard Screws (1000pieces)4 x 18
2321025Chipboard Screws (1000pieces)4 x 20
2321026Chipboard Screws (1000pieces)4 x 25
2321027Chipboard Screws (1000pieces)4 x 30
2321028Chipboard Screws (1000pieces)4 x 35
2321029Chipboard Screws (1000pieces)4 x 40
2321031Chipboard Screws (1000pieces)4 x 45
2321032Chipboard Screws (500pieces)4 x 50
2321034Chipboard Screws (500pieces)4 x 50
2321038Chipboard Screws (400pieces)5 x 60
2321039Chipboard Screws (250pieces)5 x 70
2321040Chipboard Screws (250pieces)5 x 80
2321200Chipboard Screws (250pieces)6 x 70 ΡΟΔΕΛΑ
2321201Chipboard Screws (200pieces)6 x 80 ΡΟΔΕΛΑ
23212010Chipboard Screws (200pieces)6 x 90 ΡΟΔΕΛΑ
2321203Chipboard Screws (250pieces)6 x 60 ΡΟΔΕΛΑ